The way the World acts makes me Tremble. I don’t understand why we can’t all get along. We’ve reached the moon and have passed our solar system. But, we just don’t realize that we are all human and bleed the same red blood. We thrive on pointing out each others differences when we should focus on […]

Daily Prompt: Replacement

As someone who has multiple broken bones, do to osteoporosis, I have the noticed nore and more pain creeping into my joints. Yes, I am one of those that can tell the weather by the “pain in my bones”. Recently I went on a field trip with a group that I am involved with (Siloam […]


I’ve been disabled for most of my life, now that I’m in my 50’s, I’ve decided to help others. I’ve decided to repurpose my skill set to aiding seniors with IT solutions. In some cases teaching from scratch, cell and computer skills. I find it very fulfilling, now if I could only learn how to charge for […]

Daily Prompt: Trust

I don’t know if I’m actually doing this right. I can only Trust in my instincts that I have this down to such a point I don’t disipoint. Happy Sunday to everyone. via Daily Prompt: Trust

Daily Prompt: Original

I guess this being the first time I’ve really published anything on line, it is most definitely a very fitting theme that the Daily Prompt turns out to be Original. So in keeping with this theme I will be back often and be true to myself as I learn how this all works. I am learning […]