About Me

I suffer from agoraphobia and depression. I also have many physical issues; a mild stroke on November 3, 2009 which had affected my short- term memory. On September 18, 2010, I broke 4 vertebrae in my lower back, along with 5 ribs on my right side, also which has shredded my right lung to pieces and ripped a hole in my aorta, and along with internal bleeding, I lost half a lung along with this accident. In December 11, 2011, I broke my neck, C1, C3, and C4. February 7, 2012, I had shattered my right elbow and it had taken 4 operations within 10 months to rebuild the elbow again. My last operation on my elbow was April 4, 2013, and finally the cast came off, May 23, 2013.

It is unfortunate for me, because of all my physical and mental challenges, that I live with on a day to day basis, I am unable to establish a regular work environment due to these circumstances. I am now laying out a plan to be at home working to increase education and awareness to seniors that need help with basic training on computers or cell phones. I am staying in a building with seniors and see a high demand in this area: they could use someone like myself, which in turn would also aid me in my disabilities.

I had taken some computer technology in College a while back. I am also doing a course at home with self help books to educate myself in computer technology. I am only able to continue my work in my home because of my financial situation along with my agoraphobia, which has only gotten worse through the years. With better knowledge and understanding. The needs for seniors are being created in my new website to help them achieve what each elder personally needs to help them further their own individual abilities.

In my area of expertise and experience I was able to help my mother whom is 88 years of age to purchase her first computer and teach her how to keep records and go on the websites to help her create her own files. With her computer skills, she is now able to do a lot of records on my father whom had suffered a massive stroke. He remained at home for the first few years in my mother’s care and then was placed in a palliative facility where he passed. Since then my mother still uses her computer to email, online bank and keep folders on her own to continue in staying up with the times of our world; which in turn keeps her mind healthy and gives her better self-esteem.

I would appreciate it if any funds are available to help me with this project in working with seniors to better and make their lives a little easier. I believe that my work can help those feel better as it did my mother. I have seen the change in her and I would love nothing more than pay it forward to help others regain some hope in having more awareness in out forever changing world of technology.

Thank you for your consideration and being a part of building a better future for our seniors. I believe, this will give them the potential they deserve; healthier mind and life-style. I promise to do my best with all my given abilities to assist in this matter.

Yours truly, Robert LeClair