Daily Prompt: Replacement

As someone who has multiple broken bones, do to osteoporosis, I have the noticed nore and more pain creeping into my joints. Yes, I am one of those that can tell the weather by the “pain in my bones”. Recently I went on a field trip with a group that I am involved with (Siloam Mission). We went for a trip to a mini putt golf course. On one of the holes, there was a whole that the ball drops 4 feet and comes out on another playing area. Of course, I had to be to close to the edge and feel over the ledge and landed on my knees. Now I’m on a waiting list for a knee replacement. How lucky I am.

via Daily Prompt: Replacement


One thought on “Daily Prompt: Replacement

  1. I can be a support but for sure can’t take on your pain, as I can only imagine how much distress you are in. I hope you can grab on to faith and believe that healing is possible and never give up hope that time changes and so as we do. Remember your friends and family continue to pray and are there for you, thank you for your honesty this show you are a man of great courage and integrity.


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